Aegis 114: Scrap Code Daemon Lord

The Scrap Code Daemons were a pretty crazy project for me and very early on I learned that it would push my model making to the limits, but this model really made me see what I needed to do. My vision for this creation was a towering monstrosity that would really look the part of a Mechanicum Dominus being combined with the very creature that was assigned to protect it. This would require me combining two unique models into a much more imposing one, I was happy to undertake this task.

I started with a Treelord from Age of Sigmar and started modifying the body. trimmed the branches from the model and started removing the upper limbs so that could be reattached with cabling. I bored holes in the legs and upper body to accept a variety of cables I wanted to attach. The head was removed completely and I replaced it with the upper body of a Castellax to give it the feeling of being a mutated mechanicum robot. The arms were bored out and reattached with thin cabling I had made to give the limbs a creepy distended feel. On one hand I used the Wicked Talon from the Treelord and the other I implanted the tip from a Darkfire cannon to represent the model’s ranged attack (12″, Str 10, AP 3, Assault 1, Armorbane).

Once the model was together, I added cabling to further dehumanize the appearance and give it something truly horrific. Some of the cables snaked from one part of the body to another, while some just hung loose from the body. I was particularly pleased with how the gun arm came out, the cabling wrapped around it nicely to provide a convincing piece to augment the weapon’s placement.

I really wanted to add the Castellax arms to the body because I felt I wanted more than just the upper torso. I ended up drilling a pair of holes under the main arms to accommodate them, which further enhanced the inhuman design. I chose to keep them stock because they are already a very nice looking piece of the original model.

The base was another thing, but still came together well enough. I added a variety of pieces, including the legs from the original model, to create the look of carnage that this creature would leave in its wake.

This model being part of the Mechanicum Possession bucket means that I used a lot of rust colors to augment the robotic parts, but I did cover an extensive amount of the model with “Fleshmetal”. These two, combined with the large number of cables across the body created a rather terrifying visage.

I really wanted to highlight certain features on the model, while not making it stand out too much. Unfortunately, his height makes that nearly impossible since I only have three creatures of sufficient size to even compare to him(Greater Daemonic Beasts). The model’s left shoulder cracked after priming and I just kinda left it thinking it would make the thing look more dynamic, though I did take the time to paint it properly. Adding detail to the ocular points on the head and the skull from the original model really makes you look around instead of at a single point for the head.

All in all, I feel the paintjob did exactly what it was supposed to do, push this model to the next level and on par with the rest of the army he is supposed to be leading.

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