Heresy of the Highest: New Army?

Here I am once again apologizing about not posting in a while, but hobbying has been interesting lately. I have completed the frames for the birthday project, along with the tokens (using the Marble filament). I explored a couple other things and build a bunch of card cases for ships in Armada, also with the marble filament). I did make an order for Saturnine Terminators and a couple characters a few months ago and I waited patiently for them to arrive. They finally did.

These models are not only massive and bulky as hell, they are also so crude looking in their appearance. Certainly not cutting edge technology, more of armor on top of armor on top of armor to protect the soldier inside from any harm. Comparing these guys side by side with Cataphractii is crazy, they are so much bulkier and it really is the armor and nothing more. I did opt for 5 Tyrant Siege terminators and I enjoy these models so much I am looking to certainly buy more of them, though more than 40 terminators for my Iron Warriors seems a bit excessive, so to the title of this page…


I threw around a few ideas and based on the models I was looking at I came up with the idea of building a 1500-2000 point Breacher Company army based around the idea of them being Void Raiders. Since I like being outside of the norm for my armies, I decided what better way to represent a Breacher Company than to take my bitter rivals, the Imperial Fists, and use them as Traitors.

As far as composition, I was looking at building 2 Terminator squads, 2 Breacher squads, a Breacher Support squad, and 2 Phalanx Warder squads. This brings me to around 1800 points, which gives me enough to work on a cool special character to lead them. Primarily this list would be used for Zone Mortalis, which is why I kept it smaller and limited on vehicles, but I may choose to expand later (try not to laugh too hard).

Breaking down the Terminators, they are setup as 5-man squads who are equipped with Storm Shields and Lightning Claws (boss has a Solarite Power Gauntlet), though the heavy weapon has a Lightning Claw and an Assault Cannon. I was planning on using Cataphractii arms for the shields and the Lightning claws, but using Saturnine bodies (Tortuga Bay Miniatures – Fallen Knights in Heavy Armor) to make them seem old and scavenged. A bit of work making the armor look worn and patched will certainly help to reinforce the aesthetic of the army being scavenged. Despite their appearance, I will use the Imperial Fist Storm Shields that have the Imperial Fist iconography on them.

The Breacher squads are relatively straight forward, Bolters and Boarding Shields backed up by 2 Flamers and a Combi-flamer on the sergeant, who is also carrying a power sword and meltabombs. I planned on using the MkII armor from Tortuga Bay Miniatures as well (Tortuga Bay Miniatures – Fallen Knights Mark 2 Tabard) to give them the aesthetic of being tainted by the warp and thus unnaturally large (with some kitbashing to scrape up their armor to make it look worn). In addition, I had considered using the non-tabard bodies for the basic soldiers and reserving the tabards for the Sergeants and Warders, but I am still up in the air about that.

The Breacher Support squad will be setup with Meltaguns to provide some close range anti-armor, with the sergeant again carrying a Power Sword. Same idea with the bodies, though it will mostly rely on whether I want them all to have tabards or have regular armor.

The Phalanx Warders are another story as they are setup as a dedicated close combat Breacher squad. Toting 9 Power Axes and the sergeant carrying a Solarite Power Gauntlet, these guys will be firing with their pistols and dumping into the hardest target they can find. This squad absolutely was going to be outfitted with the tabard MkII armor from Tortuga Bay, though I was also going to be combing that with the Warder conversion kit to make sure they had all the beautiful iconography Imperial Fists deserve.

I will do a separate write up when I have more details about the army and their special character so that I can work out the fluff and really show how screwed up these guys have become.

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