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Iron Kilt Mike

Creater, Site Admin

I have been in the miniatures hobby for over 2 decades, starting with my humble beginnings with the first Space Marine Combat Squad box I ever owned from a hobby shop near Cape Cod. I always liked the aesthetic of the Adeptus Astartes and loved building the models and putting various details on them. This need for customization and “unique” appearance of my models eventually led me to the Thousand Sons during the end of 3rd edition. I custom built Rubric Marines in Terminator armor and had a variety of models that I had personalized for my army. Sadly, that army was stolen after I graduated High School and for the most part, this ended my interest in the game.

A friend had mentioned the game again at one point and it sparked my interest and I soon gathered up any models I could find to build something. I was inspired by the stories of the Soul Drinkers Chapter and converted the Marines I had left to fit their aesthetic (Chaos mutations, but Loyalists). Eventually I got back into the game and touched a few different armies, but settled back with the Space Marines for a while.

Midway through 7th edition, I picked up the Iron Warriors and ran with them as a secondary army, which very quickly turned into my primary when I entered the world of Horus Heresy/30k and took them as my Legion. This led to me switching them to my primary army and I gathered quite a few models for my Iron Warriors, including a number of fortifications. When 8th edition came out, I very quickly lost interest in regular play and had almost completely switched my focus to Horus Heresy and the community that accompanied it.

At present, I have 3 major armies for the Horus Heresy (All showcased in this blog), but have used the Iron Warriors and the Daemons of the Ruinstorm for gaming in newer editions of 40k with my gaming group.

Grey Ogre

Author, Father, Sometime Admiral

An avid fan of wargaming since the late 90s, Eldar were my first 40k army followed by Space Wolves. The craftworlds of the time had a lot of freedom for fun color schemes, cool unit ideas, and absolutely dripping with quality fluff. I was hooked! Pursuit of a good game has lead me to all sorts of different systems ranging from Star Fleet Battles to Hell Dorado and back again. Ive always enjoyed a good bit of crunch in my gaming and an openness to conversions helps spark my imagination. Still at the end of the day the best game is one you can get a fun game in with good people.

A father of five currently living in New York, I do my best to keep up with my hobbies in my free time but every project is a passion project or it doesnt get any motion. To this end Ive largely been pursuing the Horus Heresy which fosters not only a great community but a fantastic rules set with great variation and fan support while occasionally finding inspiration for fantasy projects. My son also plays, and its great to get family time in gaming! His Salamanders frequently face off against my Space Wolves, Emperors Children, Eldar and Thousand Sons. Were slowly building a community here in the Hudson Valley, and traveling for a good game has always been a good option for me.

Im largely going to be focusing on my pursuit of 30k relevant Eldar rules, including but not limited to the bounty of projects produced by Aus30k.

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