40k: War of Corruption

My local gaming group and I came to the conclusion that we wanted to explore the Crusade campaign rules that are part of the 9th edition of Warhammer 40,000. We have had trouble getting together, due to the pandemic, but we have found a suitable location where we can throw dice and explore this new style of narrative gameplay with limited exposure.

Below are posts associated with the Crusade Campaign, the War of Corruption.

From the Warp

Battle 1: Scrap Code Daemons

Battle 1: War of Corruption Mission: Assassinate Aegis 114 meets the Imperial forces head on. Rho-Ares-21 takes on the mighty Canoness…

Battle 1: Order of the Rose

Battle 1: War of Corruption Mission: Assassinate Excerpt from Battle Log of Canoness Zelda, Order of the Sacred Rose…

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