Shadow of a Titan

Aegis 114 computed the latest resource allotment provided by the dark forges of Zunrik since they reprioritized supplies. The numbers indicated they lacked the resources to appease the Daemon Machine’s needs and his project would be incomplete when called upon. Running scenarios through his sub processors, the 23rd and 102nd option seemed to be the most obvious, but the 23rd would allow a greater level of influence from the Daemon the creation contained.

Querying the workforce numbers they retained for this project, the formula he had worked out would allow for skimming them to substitute the raw materials that would no longer be provided by their hosts. Aegis 114 had computed that the workforce could be cut down by as much as 37% at the current stage without impacting construction of the machine, which would suffice to offset the resource deficit currently. The projections put them at cutting the workforce an additional 7.8% every day until the end of the project.

In a previous life, he would have grinned with repulsive satisfaction, instead he merely acknowledged the accomplishment by passing it off to his constructs. Within a fraction of a second acknowledgements were made and they got to work. The workers filled the manufactorum with their screams as they fell to their deaths into the material stockpile. The choir of mutilation fell on deaf ears as the constructs went about their tasks and the Daemon Titan eagerly awaited completion of its new body.

After the last campaign day from NE30k, I began building my own Reaver Titan. I did a quite a bit of work to come to the decision on the one I have printed, but I feel it was the correct decision with the direction I am taking my secondary armies.

Solwyte Studios – Asamus War Construct

I spent time looking through concept art for Reaver Titans to see what caught my eye. I had always admired the Reaver for its towering stature on the battlefield and simplicity in design. Something about the look of a Reaver was just the thing of nightmares for my enemies. The standard design was fine at first, but I wanted something that was more dynamic and would fit the look of a corrupted titan.

I experimented with a few different parts in my imaging software, but I couldn’t get the feel for it like I wanted. I eventually went back to the drawing board and found Solwyte Studios on MMF and instantly fell in love with her designs. The Asamus was almost exactly what I was looking for, it had an almost primal look to it, yet still had the stature to stand tall and command the battlefield.

I ended up debating for a short time and then finally purchased the STL files for it and began slicing. This process took me several hours to build the plates, but when I was done, I had 10 plates setup to feed into my printer over the next couple of weeks to produce the Asamus.

I had chosen to build a Gatling Blaster and a Volcano Cannon for its armament (though I opted for the large bore short barrel instead of the elongated Magna Las). Experimenting with building a proper Launcher mount for the top was on my list, but I found very quickly that I did not like the result and I would rather keep the stock launcher that came with the Asamus. Opting to avoid close combat, I chose not to print the flail or claw as an alternate weapon, but instead stick with the ranged firepower.

The design came together and printing was slow, as I had anticipated, but I quickly ran through my supply of resin and had to order additional bottles to finish to print. I ended up purchasing the “beige” resin at one point due to the reduction in price, but this only helped to build the narrative above.

At the end of printing, I had a couple hiccups in the parts that required some additional modeling, but for the most part the design is complete and awaiting my time to build it. I will get some pictures up once I have the main body together and ready for priming.

For reference, I will be adding my Titans to the 413th Assault Maniple as their Titan Counterparts. The plan is to build out at least a Reaver, a Warhound, and supporting infantry that are built and painted based on the Scrap Code daemon color scheme that the 413th carries.

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