Chronicles of 3D Printing

A few weeks ago I bought a 3D printer. Sticking with the suggestions from a friend, I picked up the Ender 3 v2 and took plenty of time learning exactly how it worked. I broke it several times, only to find out the parts are easy to get and replaceable without too much work. As of March 17th I have printed 1 crater, 2 Trench Ends, 1 Trench Intersection, 1 Long Trench, 1 Gun Emplacement, and parts to make the Plasma Obliterator Turret.

Needless to say, I have learned that creating piece with the 3D printer allows me to assemble and paint up something between print jobs so that I do not get overwhelmed with bulk orders of models. That being said, it doesn’t hurt the the Mournival Events Field Manual has all these cool fortification rules I want to take advantage of.

Currently printing the Gun Pit, and I underestimated the complexity of the prints. Thankfully, these are presented as pieces that are then assembled into the trench network’s parts, but I grossly underestimated the complexity of the kit. Initially, it was broken down into 9 different prints to create the full design, but I had to redesign 2 of them and now I have it at 11 parts. As of this writing, I am the 5th print, so I would say I am making good time.

Not gonna lie about the complexity of 3D printing (along with the frustration of learning the ins and outs), but it is something that I am very happy I finally committed to. While I have detailed my successes thus far, I should note that I broke the machine at least half a dozen times (parts easily found on Amazon), and I have numerous failed print jobs that I am using as scrap for hobbying. At this point I have a much better understanding of all the little nuances of my machine and I have a working grasp on the software side of things. I already have several special prints that I am working on for family members for non-hobby related things and I cannot wait to get started on them.

Shout out to Bo for being a great sounding board for the process of purchasing and learning what comes next. Without him I would probably still be drooling over the keyboard while trying to look through search results on Amazon and ratings sites.

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