40k: 413th Assault Maniple


I have really enjoyed working on my Daemons of the Ruinstorm and cannot wait to field them as they should be, but my local group has been more involved in the current edition of 40k and to accommodate this, I adapted the army to the Daemons codex. Still themed as “Scrap Code Daemons” and retaining their title scions of “Fleshmetal”, I looked at doing “counts as” for my models to figure out how to use them. Below is a breakdown of what I came up with for them.

Name: Aegis 114
Unit Name: Daemon Prince
Unit Designation: HQ

Aegis 114 is the staple of the army and a model I REALLY wanted to show off. I set him up as a Slaanesh Daemon Prince with double Maelific Talons. He had Smite and Symphony of Pain psychic powers.

No Warlord traits of Artifacts were assigned since this was for Crusade

Name: Scrap Code Flayers
Unit Name: Daemonette of Slaanesh
Unit Designation: Troop

The Scrap Code Flayers are the mainstay of my army and I really didn’t want to just have them as Pink Horrors. Setting them as Daemonettes felt right based on their appearance and their role in my Ruinstorm army. Their flensing talons upgrade would be replaced with rending claw style attacks of the Daemonettes.

Their performance would be substandard without a herald, but maybe I would work on something for that between games.

Name: Scrap Code Daemon Brute
Unit Name: Fiend of Slaanesh
Unit Designation: Elite

The Scrap Code Daemon Brute is supposed to be a support unit for my HQ, but since there is nothing like that in 40k anymore, I chose to use them as Fiends instead. In that respect, the model fits nicely and provides a decent amount of firepower and fluff related to the Slaanesh theme so far.

Still might suffer a bit without a herald, but Fiends are still quite powerful on their own.

Name: Skitarii Daemon Chosen
Unit Name: Fluxmaster
Unit Designation: HQ

The Skitarii Daemon Chosen was another model I absolutely wanted to show off. Naturally, I decided to go with the Fluxmaster unit because it was on a disc and, despite some modifications, that is what the model is. I gave him Bolt of Change and Flickering Flames, along with the default Smite.

The Tzeentch additions hopefully would play well with the Slaanesh parts and the herald would certainly be able to buff the Flamers I took.

Name: Skitarii Daemon Brutes
Unit Name: Flamer
Unit Designation: Elites

The Skitarii Daemon Brutes were something I wanted to include so I had a ranged element to the army, plus I LOVE how they came out. I decided to use them as Flamers, which seemed natural since I was including a Fluxmaster as well.

Combing the attacks of the Flamers with the buffing effects of the Fluxmaster would allow for heavy firepower to be applied very effectively.

Name: Scrap Code Daemon Beasts
Unit Name: Chaos Spawn/Beast of Nurgle
Unit Designation: None/Elite

The Scrap Code Daemon Beast was a little harder for me to classify, but I didn’t have enough for a squad of anything, so I wasn’t overeager to deploy it. Since the Fluxmaster had Bolt of Change, if it came up, I would use it as a themed Chaos Spawn. The idea of using them as Beasts of Nurgle came as a shot in the dark, but I probably won’t go through with that anyway. These are not planned to be in my main army for 40k.

Name: Scrap Code Daemon Cavalry
Unit Name: Screamers of Tzeentch
Unit Designation: Fast Attack

The Scrap Code Daemon Cavalry were models I wanted to get on the table, but didn’t have enough made at the time. I chose to make them Screamers as it is what they mostly appear as anyway. Combined with the use of a Fluxmaster, these units might bring some serious firepower to the field. I am also very happy to show off the model in the end.

Name: Scrap Code Greater Daemonic Beast
Unit Name: Skull Cannon
Unit Designation: Heavy Support

While the Skull Cannon and this model are VERY different looking, I feel the size and original intent are similar. The Ruinstorm unit has heavy melee capability and some decent shooting firepower. I had not received all the parts prior to the first game, so I had not use it, but I am looking forward to seeing how it performs as my only Khorne Daemon.

I built and painted these models with a specific set of stats and usage in mind, but none of that directly translated to the 40k Daemons. That being said, it was a bit of a struggle to understand how the army functioned in 9th edition, especially in relation to the aura systems introduced in 8th edition. I was used to the idea of buffing a unit with a herald from that army, but I was always one to attach Exalted Flamers to Pink Horror squads so that no one wanted to charge them, but none of that was possible anymore.

The Tzeentch side of the army would flourish since the Fluxmaster could easily buff the Flamers and increase their effectiveness by quite a bit. The Fluxmaster still had its maneuverability going for him, which would allow me to reposition him as needed to apply pressure all over the battlefield, but removing the buffs from the Flamers at the same time. The Daemon Prince would serve to buff the Fiends or Daemonettes, but was quite capable on its own. The Daemonettes would be a force to be reckoned with since they had a good chance of seriously injuring/killing anything they got into melee with, but without a herald to buff them, they would only be so effective.

As I am able to churn out newly painted models, I will be changing up the army composition, but it will come with time. I am hoping to build a Herald of Slaanesh, though it will only happen if I can fulfill my original goal of only building stuff for the Daemons of the Ruinstorm (not building specifically for 40k Daemons).

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