Order of the Sacred Rose

Army List: Sisters of Battle
Leader: Canoness Zelda of the Order of the Sacred Rose Monastery Convent of Axium III
Player Name: Mike R

Sisters of Battle – Order of the Sacred Rose Perspective Summary.

++Incoming Transmission++ –encryption protocol–

+Intended recipient – Canoness Zelda of the Order of the Sacred Rose Monastery Convent of Axium III)+

We have word that a growing threat of Chaos Daemons had manifested in your sector on planet —**redacted**— along with intel of a Death Guard fleet amassed in orbit of the southern ash wastelands. I have been issued the task of stamping out this threat before it gains a foothold in the sector by the High Lords of Terra. Canoness Zelda I am issuing you a holy ordo request from the office of the Inquisition confirmed by my Inquisitor’s seal **transmission seal data-00167586227** for your aid in bringing the Emperor’s holy fire and fury to this foe and eradicate them. You will not be facing them alone, i have also sequestered aid of a cadre of Knights arriving to meet you at the planet from House —**redacted**–.

 I too will also be in transit, Light of the Emperor willing, I will be guided through the warp swiftly to meet you in this campaign at the earliest opportunity possible to oversee the operation and report on its eventual conclusion. 

++ Message Ends: Inquisitor –**redacted**– ++

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